【リリース】 2015.10
【所在地】  関西国際空港/福岡空港
【意匠設計】 屋根裏設計/yaneura-design
【構造設計】 片岡構造
【施工】   屋根裏設計/yaneura-design
【外構】   ---
【カーテン】 ---
【撮影】   木村耕平写真事務所

For this project, we have worked closely for almost a year with Peach Aviation Inc. to joint develop a new check-in Kiosk. Traditional kiosks were not visible friendly for passengers at the airport and were heavy because they were made with wood. The heavy weight of the wood is a bourdon for the transportation cost of these kiosks. By tackling these demerits, the challenge to invent a new kiosk had started.

Cutting down the weight of the whole kiosk machine including the monitor was one of the main challenges of this project. For the new kiosk, we want to make the monitor bigger, more user friendly. However, by doing this, the cost for the monitor will raise. Therefore, we first focused on cutting down the cost of the container cover of the kiosk.

We decided to use cardboards for the new container. While maintaining the structural strength, cardboards as a material can help cutting down the cost of the kiosk and the cost for transportation. The design is based on our client’s cooperational identity, using peach as motif. The exterior design is based on human engineering and the internal is designed to fit every necessary system equipments in 3-dimensional with their minimum needed height, width and depth. With the concept of “Packing Function”, the parts inside the new kiosk are wrapped tightly by sponges to avoid any kind of damage from hard external impacts. The outer cardboard container of the kiosk is designed to be easily replaceable for future commercial possibilities and easier maintenance. The concept is the role of a kiosk not only serves as a check-in machine, but it also serves as an information booth for more than 10,000 passengers everyday flying to their next destination. We hope by using cardboards as a new material for the new kiosk will not bring down the branding image of our client, but it can help to emphasize the of LCC(low cost carriers).