SIKURA Bangkok

【リリース】 2017.03
【所在地】  タイ、バンコク市
【意匠設計】 屋根裏設計/yaneura-design
【構造設計】 ---
【外構】   ---
【カーテン】 ---

This is a store design of Japanese variety goods store “SIKURA” in Bangkok Isetan. Six house shaped fabrics are hung in about 200m2 spaces.
Placing fabrics that have different transparencies raise expectations, and Japanese peculiar materials enable people to experience “Japaneseness” with their five senses.
Also the curves created by gravity are reminiscent of Japanese traditional architecture, and the size of the fabric zone is set at 6-tatami mats size (about 9.5 square meters big) so that people can physically experience the Japanese peculiar largeness of the space.
Furthermore, store fixture paint is conscious of traditional painting manner “Shiro Urushi nuri” (White Japanese lacquer painting), and five brand colors are sprinkled through the store. Temporally spatiality makes it easy to control the future images.
Be conscious of the brand concept, “MADE IN JAPAN”, and tried to express Japanese fine quality through the whole space.
As a result, multiple borders are produced just by “hanging fabrics”.