【リリース】 2007.03
【所在地】  大阪市天王寺区
【意匠設計】 屋根裏設計/yaneura-design
【構造設計】 ---
【施工】   木村工務店
【外構】   ---
【カーテン】 ---
【撮影】   平井美行写真事務所

A renovation project for a 44.34m2 sized apartment located in the city of Osaka. With a 30m2 courtyard at the back of the apartment, we want to make the outer and inner space equivalent to each other. The concept is to make the inner space into an “inner courtyard”. We used artificial turf and placing a deck space inside to express the idea of an inner courtyard.
Storage and kitchen are segmented by different sized boxes; they can be transformed into different forms according to their intentions and purposes. Zones in the space are not separated by fixed wall but with boxes for equipments and storage, as well as pipes serving as cloth hangers hanging down from the ceiling. This process of handling the space can gently inter-connect the zones within the apartment.