【リリース】 2017.03
【所在地】  和歌山県橋本市
【意匠設計】 屋根裏設計/yaneura-design(垣内美咲)
【構造設計】 ---
【施工】   江川建築設計室
【外構】   ---
【カーテン】 ---

A renovation project involving a 60 year old Japanese-style house with the size of 120m2.

The structure of this house can be found commonly throughout Japan; with the typical floor plan shaped in the Japanese kanji “田”. Our client, a pair of married couple in their 60s, suggested that the layout of the house is no longer convenient for them since their children have already left the house and became independent. Not just for us, this is a common subject for many old Japanese-style house. We want to take this opportunity to re-think the future and the possibilities for old Japanese-style houses.

The traditional “田” shaped floor plan looks flexible on paper. However, it does not fit will with the modern living lifestyle. In reality, Japanese style floor plan interferes with western style furniture. To solve this problem, we kept the “田” shape but inserted a cross shaped fixed wall in the center of the house. Now, including the outer court yard, the whole area seems much more spacious. Also, there is a comfortable distance between each room. This simple rearrangement of the “田” shape changes how the old traditional layout looks. This idea of improving the tradition “田” shape layout can become a prototype for revamping traditional Japanese housings. We would be very pleased if this prototype becomes widely accepted when dealing with the same problems of outdated old Japanese-style housing in the future.