【リリース】 2011.06
【所在地】  大阪府高石市
【意匠設計】 屋根裏設計/yaneura-design
【構造設計】 満田衛資構造計画研究所
【施工】   春建築工房
【外構】   有限会社 和想
【カーテン】 ---
【撮影】   平井美行写真事務所

A three story wooden build house, located in Takaishi, Osaka. The site is a flagpole land surrounded by residency houses. With the provided capacity, each zone is scaled with their necessary height, width and depth; simultaneously connected to mark this 3-dimensional residential house. As the result, a diversity of rooms are born with the slanted floorings and walls in contrast with the ceilings. Parts such as the stairs and furniture also helped to shape the interior of the architecture. The bedroom, specifically, is like a warped cave due to the slanted walls; providing a sense of security with an openness living style. Also, the space between the instrumentally elevated flooring and the ground level creates a underfloor storage. The gaps in between the structure provide the poorly lit rooms circulation and lighting; aiming to provide a cozily environment for these spaces. Because the main structure is slanted, the proportion with the different sides of the house presents various facades for the house.